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At WSI/RSC, you decide the treatment. We’re here to guide you in learning more about the benefits of each treatment we offer.

Conservative care

We strongly encourage conservative care as the first step to treatment. We utilize all of our resources to determine the best method for each patient.

Facet/Medial nerve branch blocks

Procedure is Performed to Identify a Painful Facet Joint

Posterior lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF)

Treat back or leg pain caused by degenerative disc disease

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Back pain can occur at any time for almost any reason.

Due in large part to the aging process, but also as a result of a sedentary life style with too little (sometimes with too much) exercise, the risk of experiencing low-back pain from disc disease or spinal degeneration increases with age.

Some common conditions we treat include:

Degenerative Disc Disease

Facet Joint Syndrome

Herniated Disc


Spinal Stenosis



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Meet our medical director

Dr. Henry Fabian

“Live a Pain Free Life.” As a spine specialist in Rock Springs, Dr. Fabian has helped hundreds of patients transform their lives with his expert knowledge of the spine and its care. When it comes to patient treatment quality and satisfaction, Rural Spine and the Wyoming Spine Institute are proven leaders in providing back pain relief to patients. Under the direction of Dr. Fabian, we have amassed a significant amount of data to support our claim as a preeminent Spine Surgery Center of Excellence.

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7 success stories

From non-surgical treatments to expert operations, spinal treatments for back pain relief have transformed the lives of Dr. Fabian’s patients. We’re honored to share with you some of our favorite success stories, coming from returning professional athletes, to injured workers, to young adults with congenital conditions.

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There’s a lot to know about the spinal column health and care. And we want to empower you to feel confident in your understanding of it. We hope you’ll enjoy the following resources: